Track Day Registration

Palmer is a sound limited track.  Please read the information on the MA TRACK INFORMATION page if you are concerned that your bike is too loud.
WARNING - You are NOT automatically added to the email list.  If you don't put yourself on the email list, then you will not receive updates about the trackday.  You must sign up for the email list on the bottom of the homepage after you place your order.  

Remember... we run RAIN or SHINE!   

The track charges TTD whether it is raining or not, so TTD needs your payment to pay the track.

We know it's not ideal, but we strongly encourage riders to participate in wet trackdays.  The actual riding techniques do not change - everything is simply done at a lower speed.  If you find yourself "slipping" a lot in the wet - then you are doing things wrong in the dry also - but the extra grip is saving your butt.  Learn how to ride properly, and your "slipping" (rain or dry) will go away.

Regardless of your reason for trying to cancel your trackday spot, please understand that there are only a certain number of spots we sell to each trackday. We have a formula using the cost of the track and how many riders can safely fit on the track at one time - and then decide how many spots to sell.

When you buy a spot  - then that spot is GUARANTEED to be yours for the day.  (Similar to reserving a HOTEL room for the night.)

If you showed up to the track ready to ride - and I said, "sorry, I sold your spot to someone else."   I am sure you would feel like I didn't hold up my part of the agreement. 

Remember, your "spot"  only has value on the day of the event.   If the spot goes unused for that day, then we have less income to pay the track owners for that day.

For this reason - asking for a credit to a different date is the same as cancelling - and then signing up for a different day.  Your original spot goes unsold and your payment is not available to pay the bills for that day.