Track Day Personal Instruction


Personalized Instruction is held in conjunction with Tonys Track Days events. A hand-picked TTD top instructors will share their vast knowledge of riding technique with any advanced novice, intermediate or advanced trackday rider or new racer who is eager to improve his or her riding. 

This program was developed by Ken Condon, author of "Riding in theZone, Advanced Techniques for Skillful Motorcycling" and former chief instructor for Tony's Track Days. The TTD PI is the premiere on-track coaching program in New England.


The fee for this program is in addition to the track day event fee.

  • Standard price - $225
  • Members price - $200 (no restrictions)
  • Non-Members Price - $200 (if also signing up for BOTH days of an event at the same time)



Working with a one-on-one customer during a riding session

What benefits can you expect from One-on-one Training?

• Novice (RED) track day riders will learn to maximize throttle and brake control, and discover the benefits of proper body position.

      *Note that Track Day novices are encouraged to get some track experience before signing up for one-on-one instruction.
       Tony's Track Days offers Novices a comprehensive First Timer's Program to introduce track riding concepts and help increase confidence and improve control.

• Intermediate (YELLOW) track day riders will learn how to progress to the next level. Riders will achieve greater control and confidence that translates to both track and street.

• Advanced (BLUE) track day riders will overcome stagnation through precision, skill refinement and rider efficiency.

• New racers will reduce lap times and become more competitive by improving racecraft.

-Students must have a minimum of one year of street riding experience.
-Students will ride in their appropriate track day group.


Unless indicated that the date is SOLD OUT, we have openings. The list below shows Spots reserved for PAID ATTENDEES --- 

Please email Kerry to inquire.

2021 Tonys Track Days DATES

2021  DATES TRACK / LOCATION Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
May 8, 9 (SOLD OUT) Thompson Vincent Genest,
Travis Ruterbusch, AIlton Santos
Russ Cooper,
Kenneth Murphy
May 29 (SOLD OUT) , 30 (SOLD OUT), 31 Palmer Vincent Genest, Craig Murray,
John Scheub, Kim Scheub
Matt Somlo, Bryan Thorne, Ailton Santos Ken Loehle
June 26 (SOLD OUT), 27 (SOLD OUT), 28 (SOLD OUT) NYST John Scheub, Kim Scheub,
Stephanie Funk
Vincent Genest, Craig Murray, Antonio Texidor, Bryan Thorne Steven Deeney,
Grace Yoo, Kirt Senser
July 31 (SOLD OUT), Aug 1 (SOLD OUT), 2 (SOLD OUT) Palmer Rick Kramer, AIlton Santos, Vincent Genest Patty Harding, Grace Yoo, Ken Loehle Ken Kotz, John Scheub, Kim Scheub
Aug 22 (SOLD OUT), 23 (SOLD OUT) Thompson Greg Fiorelli, Marcus Wilhelm Grace Yoo, Mo Nourmohammadi,  N/A
Sept, 4 (SOLD OUT), 5 (SOLD OUT), 6 Palmer Grace Yoo, Jenn Roenfranz, Roger Smith, Cheryl Bonfiglio Matt Zeppa,
Sam Martin, Craig Murray
Mo Nourmohammadi, Harry Hall
Sept 26 (SOLD OUT), 27 (SOLD OUT) Thompson Matt McBrien, Ken Murphy, Derek Huckel Cheryl Bonfilgio, Mikey Glazebrook







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Who are the instructors?

The staff includes former and current expert-level racers who not only know how to go fast, but also know how to share their knowledge of riding technique with riders of all skill levels.

Instructional Staff include expert-level racers:

 Requests to work with a particular instructor will be fulfilled when possible. Email Kerry to find out if a preferred instructor is available.

Training Format:

  • Each student will receive personal attention during 3 on-track sessions and 3 off-track discussion sessions spaced out through the day with open practice sessions in between.

  • Communicators will be used when appropriate and if conditions allow. Note: communicators are less effective at the higher speeds attained by many Yellow and most Blue group riders.

  • On-board video of at least one session with video debriefing session. Please bring a laptop or a flash drive if you want to take the video home with you.


"I just wanted you all to know how impressed I was with the One on One instruction I had with Pete this past Tuesday at Thompson. Due to my profession, I work with lots of different types of instructors on a regular basis. I've learned to quickly recognize talent for teaching and Pete proved to be excellent. Not only were his instructions clear and concise but he also appeared to be confident, comfortable and extremely well versed in his field. He was able correct issues he saw in my riding and also addressed all of the items I had wanted to improve on that day. This comprehensive system Ken and his fellow instructors have put together for this program is very fluid and efficient while still allowing for a ton of fun at the racetrack. Their use of the GoPro camera for evaluation after each riding session and the rider to rider communication system proved to be invaluable tools. Anyone can strap a camera to their bike and follow a friend around the track but to be able to sit down after each session and analyze your own footage with a professional is priceless. By the end of the day I felt much more secure and comfortable on my bike while turning quicker lap times. If anyone is looking to get to that next level in their riding, I would have to say that One on One instruction is the quickest and safest way to get there. Thanks again to everyone at TTD!!


"Thank you so much for getting me into that lesson with Pete down at NJMP last week.  It was my first time flying solo at a track day and as a girl that can be a little intimidating. Pete was phenomenal on so many levels and I hope to work with him again. From a technical perspective, he really took the time to explain riding techniques, spotting reference points and throttle control.  At the same time, he made it  a lot of fun and really helped with my confidence. I have a ways to go before I would call myself proficient, but after working with him I am excited to go back. I've taken lessons with other organizations and got so much more out of this one day.


"Just a quick note to let you know my recent day of personal instruction far surpassed any expectations I had. You have a great program and all the guys made me feel right at home from the start of the day. My instructor Pete Gaboriault was awesome to work with. I would recommend this to any rider that is looking to improve regardless of what group they currently ride in. A full day of working with an expert level racer easily shaved a few seconds off my lap times.
I will definitely be back again soon for another day. Thanks to both you and Pete for a memorable experience."



"NJMP MAY 1 & 2 was amazing - thanks to all for another amazing event and thank you Ken - the one on one was invaluable. I made more progress than I ever thought I would in one day. If anyone is considering personalized instruction - stop considering and just do it - you will not regret it."

"I had a great time this past weekend especially the one on one training with Pete on monday. He was so good as an instructor I feel that I got more from that one day with him then I got with the two days I had with the Superbike school last fall at the same track. I really didn't expect that to happen because I really thought I got a lot from the sessions last year. Pete was pointing out things to me that I never would have picked up on and having the session between the time on the track with Pete really helped in that I could work on the assignments that he gave me. I felt that it was well worth the money and would like to do it again."

"I had the good fortune to work one on one with Ken Condon.

I could not be more pleased with the decision to invest in his training. I have worked with many coaches throughout the years and would give Ken my highest recommendation.

He lends his experience as an expert racer and instructor in a way that is easy to understand and most importantly - apply.   He noticed minor details in my riding that made significant gains for me in subsequent sessions.

Ken took the time to understand my personal goals, offer his plan of action and measure my progress throughout the day. I look forward to the opportunity of working with him again."
- J.P.