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The following people have a confirmed spot at one or both of these trackdays.

If you have registered and your name is not showing properly, please email me using the CONTACT US Form. 

NOTE:  We reserve the right to change this page or deny participation if an error is found.  (in other words, if we list you for both days and you only paid for one day, odds are we'll catch it before tech inspection)   :-)

 PLEASE NOTE:  Color on this page does NOT represent group level.  See legend below.

May 13th and 14th  - Palmer , MA

BLUE = BOTH DAYS        RED =  May 13 ONLY        BLACK = May 14 ONLY

Anthony Avedian

Adam Bagdon
Pierce Ballantine
Mickey Beall
John Beaulieu
Scott Bevis

Peter Bianchini
Justin Bill
William Birks
Charlie Blumberg
Jesse Boillat
Michael Boisvert
James Byrne

Leo Casale
Rob Cavazos

Matt Costa
Ray Cull

Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Custer

Steven Danley
Thomas Deeg

Eric Dineen
John Donaghy
Raffi Donabedian
Andrew Douglas

Josh Dryden

Derek Emanouil

Todd Fanciullo
Jeffrey Farias

Sebastian Gerbaudo
Alan Gibson
Bill Gillis

Neil Glazebrook
Edward Greene

Harry Hall
Wei Kai Hsu
Derek Huckel

George Isaac

Bob Johnson

Rob Jones

Seva Khibkin
Younia Kowal

Rob Lariviere
Ed Leary
Nick Leighton
Branden Lemire
Michael Lessard

Yevgeniy Levin
Yujie Lin
Eduardo Lima
Jiayu Liu
Ken Loehle
Tony LoProto
Richard Lorenson

Chris O'Shea

Augusto Martins
CrystalMarie Marzocchi

Jason Maslon
Sean McAllister
Nate Mendell
David Mink

Agustin Morales

Gabriel Pavadore
Kyle Peixoto
Webb Pinner

John Pitoniak
Andrew Prevelige

Anthony Ricci
Brook Roberts
Jen Roenfranz

Randall Roenfranz
Lea Rubinstein

Mohith Saradhy
Frederick Shaw
Chris Soler

Aaron Spettel
Chris Sumner

Kian Tajiani
Stephen Tellier
Stephan Terzian
Antonio Texidor

Greg Vaudreuil
Bruce Vlohiotis

Ellen Waddell
Lou Waddell
Hsu Wei-kai

Jeff White
Doug Wynyard

Dylan Zeleski