2019  DATES:  
October 14,15  (Monday, Tuesday)


For 2019, we're heading back to North Carolina to do a couple of trackdays at this awesome place!

2019  DATES:  
October 14,15  (Monday, Tuesday)

The course is 2 miles long and we'll be running it in both directions! 

We anticipate running 2 small groups of about 25 riders each... which means tons of open track and lots of track time.  We'll take a vote that morning on length of sessions... either every 15 minutes or every 30 minutes.

Worst case, we'll run 3 groups with 20 minute sessions if we find the disparity in riders is too great.



TRACK LOCATION:  310 Technology Dr.  Garysburg, NC  27831

You can see NCCAR on Google Maps and Google Earth, but many car GPS system do not have the street address.  The best solution is to enter the adjacent Lowes Regional Distribution Depot address and turn left into Technology Drive before you end up in their parking lot: 620 Lowe’s Blvd Road  Garysburg, NC 27831.

LINK TO TRACK WEBSITE:  http://nccar.us


This day is designed for riders that have done a trackday before.  All group levels are welcome as long as this is not your FIRST TIME ever on a track... there will be no classroom sessions.

We will show everyone the line, and work with individuals that need help... but no formal classes.  

(Don't sweat it... we'll make sure everyone is in the right place... just pick your normal group level when ordering)

If we end up with 2 groups:
One group will be for RED and YELLOW riders.  
The other group will be for BLUE and BLACK group riders.   

If we end up with 3 groups:
1 - All RED and SLOW YELLOW.

PASSING RULES:  With such a small group size, there will be tons of room for passing so we will stick with one basic passing rule - No passing on the inside from Tip In Point to apex.   The track has lots of long sweeping corners so we will allow outside passing in those corners.

GARAGES / ELECTRIC:  No GARAGES (at least none near where you want to park).  Electric power is widely available at NCCAR for RV’s, campers and tire warmers.  RV and campers are charged at $25 per day, others at $12.50 per day (weekends include the Friday night, i.e. just 2 days). You can pay on arrival.  I will say that tire warmers are really not needed.  We'll be doing long sessions and the track offers tons of grip... just take a warm up lap and then enjoy.

CAMPING:  People can camp at the track on Sunday and Monday night.    

LODGING:  Many people stay at the Hampton Inn in Roanoke Rapids.  It's about 10 minutes from the track.  Here is the direct link.  (There are lots of hotels in the area, it is right off a main highway exit)


FOOD: Plan on bringing your own food and drink while you are at the track.  I suggest bringing a cooler and picking up sandwiches, gatorade, etc each morning.  In the past, we took over some local restaurants for dinner each night.

GAS:  There are no pumps at the track so bring a can or two with you and fill them up before each day.  The closest gas station is about 2 miles from the track.

COST:  BOTH DAYS - (no single day registration allowed)

  • $350 (Paid By Sept 22, 2019)
  • $400 (Paid on Sept 23 or later)

2019  DATES:  
October 14,15  (Monday, Tuesday)

Traveling Track Spot

Price: $0.00

Remember, this is not a beginners trackday.  You should have at least 5 trackdays under your belt and at least be a very fast RED group rider at our normal days.