About me:
  I've been riding motorcycles since 2009 and got into trackdays at the very first TTDThompson trackday in 2014. I learned more in that first trackday than my first 5 years of riding on the street by myself so I was hooked. I loved the TTD environment and structure and it became my benchmark when I branched out to ride with other organizations in other regions. I've ridden a solid variety of tracks up and down the east coast and I enjoy mentally referencing different track characteristics to help me ride better at home.

After making my way through the experience levels with various organizations I tried my hand at racing in 2017. That was a whole other eye opening learning experience. I've just earned my expert racing license during the 2020 season but I still have a bunch more learning to do.

Why I said yes to Tony's: Because I want to help others get that same feeling I got on my first trackday.

Best riding advice I have received: Look farther ahead so you give yourself more time to process the conditions in front of you.