When planning your track day season, consider the benefits of doing both days of a multiple day event.
Why doing 2 or more day rock:
  1. You save money on trackday fees. If you sign up for more than one day, there is a significant discount!
  2. You save time and money on travel expenses.
  3. Your riding improves by using the entire second day to apply the skills you learned on day one. And then on day 3.
  4. You will often have the opportunity to do a track walk with your instructors.
  5. You get built-in rain "insurance" as it is very rare to have two consecutive wet days.
  6. You can usually join us for dinner the night between the two days - a great time to hang out and meet all of your fellow riders and the staff in a relaxed atmosphere.
  7. It's twice as fun as one day!
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Track walks are a great way of getting a closeup view of the track
The pizza party or buffet dinners between days are a great way to make new friends and have a bunch of laughs.