MOTO-D Undersuits are the nicest undersuits that we have used. Wear these undersuits in warm or cool weather to keep your leathers fresh and to help get your leathers on and off with ease! Throw in the option of having a TTD logo emblazoned on your suit and they are hard to resist.

Also available from MOTO-D are their awesome carbon-wired tire warmers (see below). Place your order for warmers or undersuits by clicking HERE.





MOTO-D Racing Sportbike Camera Mount



I am using this product on my CBR 600rr  with a contour camera and I give it a definite THUMBS UP!

The MOTO-D Racing iPhone GPS Camera mount has a versatile design allowing virtually any camera, GPS unit, phone, lap timer, etc. to be easily mounted to most sportbikes. When attached to the bike, the top plate of the mount tilts up or down to meet different needs (for example, when using a camera you will likely want a level mount, but for a GPS you'll want to face it back towards you).

NOTE:  Doesn't interfere with rider when in a full tuck!

The product sits on top of the triple clamp nut and secures using a long threaded rod which passes through the steering stem. The rod screws into the mount base on top and is locked into place using a steel washer and locking nut at the bottom (underneath the lower triple tree).

Installation is very simple and the product works as intended. It comes with all mounting hardware, two thumbscrews, velcro, and rubber dampers (top and bottom) to keep vibration to a minimum.

It fits motorcycles with a center bolt no greater than 1-11/16 in diameter with an unobstructed center bolt (see their website for more details). Available in three high gloss colors; red, blue, and black.

The product retails for $59.99 and I fully recommend it.

Check out the MOTO-D Racing website for full details, videos, and ordering information.

NOTE: The only thing I will mention as a "warning" is if you use a front stand that goes into the bottom of your steering stem. Since the mount is attached by using a bolt through the steering stem, you will not be able to use that type of front stand. This is not an issue for me since my front stand lifts the bike from under the forks.