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A Bit of History

Thompson Speedway first opened in May 26, 1940 and will once again feature a roadcourse. When the speedway was less than ten years old, a road course was added to the original speedway that brought an entirely new group of cars and fans as they enjoyed another “first” in Thompson: the country’s first enclosed racecourse.


205 E. Thompson Road
Thompson, CT  06277

Exit 99 off Interstate 395 if heading NORTH

Exit 100 off Interstate 395 if heading SOUTH

ENTRY and CAMPING:  If you wish to tent camp, or stay in your trailer,  there is no charge.  Camping is allowed before each trackday - EXCEPT for events that START on a Sunday.  Because we cannot start riding until NOON time on Sunday, there is no camping the night before events that begin on Sunday - you can get in starting at 8:00 am on Sunday.  If the event is a Friday and Saturday, then you can arrive Thursday after 6pm, and camp Thursday and Friday nights.

There are 4 showers located next to the bridge.

GARAGES, ELECTRIC:  Garage space is available for $25/day/bike.  Garages rental is done directly with the track from this page:  You don't buy the whole garage - just space inside of the building.  Generally there will be about 4 bikes to one garage bay. TTD has nothing to do with garage rental space - please contact the track directly if you have questions.

Electric is only available in the garages - not in the general paddock.  Do NOT run any cords across the parking lot from inside the garages.


HOTELS: If you prefer not to camp, here is a link to the Speedway's "hotel" page   

FOOD:  There is a concession stand that is usually open while the track is live.  There is also a full service restaurant on the property.  I would suggest bringing your own fluids (gatorade, water, etc).  A Dunkin' Donuts mobile van usually arrives for breakfast items, but it's spotty at best.  In general, we have an organized dinner the night between our 2 day events.  Signup for the dinner occurs at the riders meeting.

FUEL:  Regular 93 Pump gas is available at the track using a Credit Card.  Please do not bring any gas cans into the garages, and the track requests all fueling of vehicles occur outside the garages.





Special Non-Sportbike Track Day