The New York Safety Track is located in Zimmerman, NY. The nearest city is Oneonta, NY. The track is approximately 1.5 hours west of Albany and 4 hours west of Boston. Here is the link to the NYST directions web page.

PARKING:   The image below shows the parking area.  You will enter the track in the bottom left of this photo.  Please do NOT park in the area circled in YELLOW.  That area is reserved for Tech Inspection, Tire Service, Riders Meetings, and Staff parking.  

The majority of the parking will be in the TOP RIGHT area of the photo.  Place your vehicle on the gravel (either on the inside of the pavement circle - or the outside.  Your motorcycle and a canopy can then be placed on the pavement.  There are also some spots available as soon as you enter the property on the right and left side... again, just please don't park near the yellow area.

Large RV's and Campers:  As soon as you enter the property, you can take a sharp left turn, and there is a large grassy area to park an RV.  You may also be able to park your RV in the angled spots on the right, just after you enter the property.  You may need to pull it forward onto the grass area (under the words ANGLED SLOTS)

New York Safety Track/ Mountain Top Airport
396 Zimmerman Rd
Davenport, NY 12093


Here is a video of the track in the uptown direction:


And here is a video of the track in the downtown direction:


Length - 2.1 miles
Front straight - 2,300 feet long, 40 feet wide
Back side - 36 feet wide
Turns - 18
Elevation change - 450 feet
Hills/Drops - 7




There are no garages, so you will pit on an open lot.  Bring a canopy if you have one, but be sure to have a way to secure it.

No Electric is available.  No GAS is available.

Showers are available


Breakfast and Lunch are available at the concession area.

We will likely be doing a PIZZA BUFFET for dinner on Sunday Night.


Camping is allowed and will be included in your trackday fee.  Our trackdays are on Sunday and Monday so most people will be camping on Saturday and Sunday.  

In general, you can arrive about 6:30pm the night before your first day.

TRACK ENTRY TIMES (For Sunday and Monday Trackdays):

SATURDAY:  6:00PM to 10:00PM

SUNDAY: 6:30AM to 10:00PM

MONDAY: 6:30AM to 10:00PM


  • Tech opens at 7PM on Sat Night (weather permitting), then again at 6:30AM on Sunday and 7AM on Monday
  • Riders meeting at 8:15AM Sunday and Monday.
  • A track walk will happen Sunday night at 5:30PM.  Dinner is immediately following the trackwalk.
  • We are on the track from 9 AM to 5 PM with a one hour lunch break at Noon.  
  • We will be running four - 15 minute groups per hour.  (Black, Blue, Yellow, Red)



Some is below... More "stuff" on this link:

1) Middle Brook Bed and Breakfast (2 miles away) 

631 Vanduesen Rd

Davenport, NY, 13750

(607) 278-5718


2) Holiday Inn (8 miles away)

5206 State Highway 23

Oneonta, NY, 13820

(607) 433-2250


3) Clarion Hotel (14 miles away)

55 Market St

Oneonta, NY, 13820

(607) 432-7500