Christian’s first experience with a motorcycle was when he was 8.  His dad’s Honda 250 was sitting in the garage looking very lonely ... Later on dad walked into the garage and found his bike on its side with fuel all over the ground.

Christian has no idea what happened to it to this very day.  :)

He started riding his own bike at the age of 11, a Honda XR100R. He eventually progressed and starting racing hare scrambles (woods racing) when he was 14 on a KDX200. After selling his dirt bike he got a GSXR750 for the street when he was 16 and would race in the local parking lots with friends on small dirt bikes converted into road race machines.

After learning a good deal about technique he borrowed an EX500 and went road racing. He picked up podiums racing 3 different bikes while advancing to expert as part of ECK Racing during his second season.

He did his first TTD in 2010 at NJMP and did the personal instruction in 2011 which helped him to develop new techniques and progress tremendously.  He also has been a MSF instructor since he was 17, and teaches many classes each summer to introduce new people to the sport.

Current Bikes:

09 CRF450 Motard - Race
99 SV650 - Track