In 1994 I started riding on the street after many years of riding and racing off road. Like many 24 year old men, I rode with the WRONG crowd for that first summer and somehow survived the foolishness. I moved on from that crowd and found my own pace and enjoyed riding solo for a few years. Life changed and I stepped away from street riding for a few years.


In 2005 the street bike itch came back and I picked up a cruiser. I quickly learned that a cruiser was not my cup of tea. I made the fairly large leap to my 2008 FJR and started to do a little touring.


In 2009 I read an article on STN about a guy who took his ST1300 to a TTD event. I got curious and looked into track days. I did my first track day in 2009 on my FJR. I was hooked.


In 2010 I bought my first SV650 and rode 4 events that season. In 2010 from the Red group to Blue.

Along the way I tried a couple other track day providers. It became obvious right away that TTD was best for me. The atmosphere and organization were key reasons for my choice.

In April 2012 I got my license to race and started racing with the LRRS. 2012 was a great year that saw me win a few and lose a few but end up as the rookie of the year! The training I received from TTD put me way ahead of the curve in racing.


The Future:  I look forward to helping others learn to ride motorcycles well. I think that now is a good time for me to put my 30+ years of riding experience to use helping others.