2020 Tonys Track Days Membership Program


  1. You do NOT have to purchase either of these options.
  2. The options below are best suited for those riders that expect to do more than 5 track days per year with us.
  3. If you prefer, you can simply order your track day spots individually and pay the regular or "Guest" price. 



How does it work?  

Pay an annual fee, then save $100 off every regular trackday that year!

Depending when you sign up for your Membership, you will start saving money
after your 5th or 6th trackday.

What does it cost?

$600 / year

Family Membership - add a SPOUSE for $300/year more

Who should consider membership?

If you plan to do at least 5 track days with TTD in 2020, then consisider getting a membership!

If you have a spouse or child that rides too, then the FAMILY membership will save you money.

If you do less than 5 days per year, then you should simply pay for each track day as you go.

Are there any other benefits of the MEMBERSHIP?

What is the "fine print"?

  • Memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE after the first trackday of the season.
  • Memberships are NON-TRANSFERABLE
  • If a member purchases a track day spot at the reduced rate - and wishes to transfer it to a NON MEMBER - there will be a $100 "transfer fee" per spot.  There is no charge to transfer it to another MEMBER.
  • Annual Memberships expire on Dec 31st each year (or after the last trackday of the season), whichever comes first.


Annual TTD Membership

Price: $600.00

Please read details above before purchasing.

IMPORTANT!  There are NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS on Memberships. 

Payment can be made by Credit Card or Paypal - or by check.  If mailing a check, it must be postmarked no later than the dates listed in the table above.