My first memories of motorcycles are of my Dad taking me around a parking lot. Im not sure how old I was but  my feet didn't reach the foot pegs. From that point on I was hooked. 
  My first bike at 11 was a three wheeler which I survived . From there I moved onto a 74' Kawasaki dual sport . At 16 I took the MSF course and got my license and have been enjoying street riding ever since. 
 My first track day was a gift in 2008 on my 06' 600rr  with TTD and in 2012 I joined the staff as a control rider . In 2014 I start racing at Loudon on my CBR and currently racing an 07' Suzuki SV650.
Current bikes : 
07' Suzuki SV650 
07' Honda CRF450  Dirt/motard 
2016 3rd place Thunder Bike