The excitement and anticipation of signing up for your first track day is thrilling…and oftentimes scary. We understand that riding on the track for the first time can feel overwhelming. Being sensitive to the needs of first timers is one of our many strengths and is why we are known as the track day organization that best caters to first timers.

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Here is a page describing a typical day.

Below are a couple of questions that pertain specifically to new track day riders

QUESTION:  What riding skill do I need to attend a track day?
If you are comfortable riding around corners on the street, then there is no reason why you can't do a track day. We recommend that riders have at least a few months under their belt before signing up, but that varies with the individual. Some new riders are ready for their first track day only a couple of weeks after taking their MSF beginner course, while others need a bit more time to gain the control skills that will allow them to feel comfortable riding at speed on a racetrack. Some other track day organizations frown on new riders, but we welcome them. You don't have to be an aggressive or fast rider to attend one of our track days.

QUESTION:  I don't have a sport bike. Is my standard bike okay for a track day?
Yes. You'll see all sorts of bikes at our days: Sport tourers, standard bikes, even Gold Wings. We had a woman bring her Honda 250 Nighthawk to one of our NH days last season and she had a great time! Just be sure your brakes and tires are like new and be sure to ride within the limits of your motorcycle's capabilities. You may have to ride a bit slower than you would like to be safe, but you'll still have a good time.

QUESTION:  What  protective gear do I need and what does it take to prepare my bike?
Be sure to check out the Rider & Bike Preparation pages to see what is required to ride on the track

Other Questions:

You may also want to read the FAQ page.

There is a bunch of information on the track-specific pages as well, including overview videos to help you get an idea of what to expect.

You may get a laugh at (or recognize?) some of the excuses we hear why people don't do track days.

Help from the moment you arrive

Our staff is there for you. We are available to answer any questions you may have and to even help you unload your bike and get you settled. We will help you to prepare your bike for tech and make sure you feel ready for one of the most exciting days of your life to date.

Tony’s Track Days - Novice Track Rider Program

To further help new track day riders to feel comfortable, we offer a FREE novice track rider program.

This program is included in your track day price.

How do I order?  When placing your order, choose "This is my first track day" and we'll do the rest.

 Details about the Novice Track Day Rider Program:

Only our most senior instructors will be assigned to help you become comfortable with your first track day riding experience.

You and your fellow novices will begin your day by attending a special New Rider’s Meeting where information will be presented that will allow you to have a safe and fun day.

Topics include, when you will be on track, how to enter and exit the track safely, the meaning of flags and what to do when you see one, passing, and how you can improve as a rider.

After the New Rider’s Meeting you will go back to your pit area and get ready. Your first session will be a whole follow the leader session so you can get to know the track.

Your group instructor will show you the path of travel and how to enter and exit the track safely. The pace will be appropriate for novice track riders so that you can absorb the nuances of riding on a racetrack.

Follow the Leader helps new track day riders get acclimated to the racetrack.

When your first taste of track riding is complete, you will attend a second special classroom session just for first-timers.

Your instructors will make sure your questions are answered and they will offer tips to make your day an enjoyable one. Discussions will include, basic reference points, cornering lines, and how to ride smoothly.


Open Sessions

Your next riding session will be an “open session” where you will ride with the rest of the beginner group.

Riders in this group may have done a few track days, but are at the beginning of their journey as track day enthusiasts, just like you. Passing rules will ensure an unintimidating experience.

Instructors will be available for one-on-one coaching, if desired.

After your first-open session is complete (and after every morning session) plan on joining the red group for their classroom sessions. We will be aiming these sessions are beginner track riders so your learning will continue smoothly.

Tony’s Track Days Novice Track Day Rider Program will ensure that your first time experience is a safe and enjoyable one. Come join us!

Here is Jane taking a much needed break from lining up riders for follow the leader