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Hi all, 

Many of you have seen me or had me work on your suspension at NHMS as part of Tony's Track Days over the last several years.  In an effort to stream line communication and keep current with our customers we are now using our email list to better communicate with everyone.

If you would like to be informed about what's happening at GMD Computrack (like our special pricing or winter seminar series) you can sign up for our mailing list at our web site.

We never sell, trade or otherwise share your information with any one and you can safely unsubscribe at any time.

As part of our association with TTD, we are extending our Penske Shock special shown below to all of the TTD customers.

Feel free to call or email with any questions, and if you sign up for our mailing list, be sure to watch your email for our Winter Seminar series beginning in December!

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Questions? Wish to order? Please EMAIL PETER KATES or call 508-876-9407

Thanks to Penske Racing Shocks' Fall Promotion, we are able to offer a substantial discount on their shocks and fork products. Penske is offering extra incentives to its dealers for a limited time, and we are passing the savings on to our customers. If you were thinking about a shock for your new 2010 bike or a new shock for your trusty steed, now is the time. From now until December 15th, 2009 we are able to sell Penske Racing Shocks at dealer pricing!!! That's 15% off the retail price, and it's good on all Penske Racing Shocks and Fork Revalves! And if you get both a shock and a fork revalve, we can take an additional 5% off!!!  That's 20% off the regular retail price!

By combining a Penske Shock and Fork revalve you can have the suspension performance you've always wanted. And remember when you buy from GMD Computrack you'll get all the back up and support to help you dial in the ride you're looking for, as well as over 24 years of experience. Remember, this offer ends December 15th 2009, so get your own Christmas present today!

Example: 8983R Shock PLUS your forks revalved will cost just $1252.31 with this special. 

Penske Special Pricing Retail Shock only (15% OFF) Shock (w/ Fork work)
8983 Remote $875.00 $743.75 $700.00
8987 Remote $1,195.00 $1,015.75 $956.00
8983 Piggy Back $1,025.00 $871.25 $820.00
8987 Piggy Back $1,345.00 $1,143.25 $1,076.00
Buell 8983 $940.00 $799.00 $752.00
Buell 8987 $1,270.00 $1,079.50 $1,016.00
8770 Remote $1,695.00 $1,440.75 $1,356.00
8770 Piggy Back $1,845.00 $1,568.25 $1,476.00
Fork Pricing Retail Fork only (15% OFF) Fork (w/Shock purch.)
Fork Revalve Labor $250.00 $212.50 $200.00
Seals $27.99 23.79 $22.39
Oil (2 Liters) $29.90 25.42 $23.92
Spring (2) $120.00 102 $96.00
Penske Fork Kit $262.50 223.13 $210.00
Total $690.39 $586.83 $552.31
Package Pricing Retail Your Price (20% Off) Savings
8983R & Forks $1,565.39 $1,252.31 $313.08
8987R & Forks $1,885.39 $1,508.31 $377.08
8983PB & Forks $1,715.39 $1,372.31 $343.08
8987PB & Forks $2,035.39 $1,628.31 $407.08
Buell 8983 & Forks $1,630.39 $1,304.31 $326.08
Buell 8987 & Forks $1,960.39 $1,568.31 $392.08
8770R & Forks $2,385.39 $1,908.31 $477.08
8770PB & Forks $2,535.39 $2,028.31 $507.08


Fork revalves use Penske compression and rebound pistons, GMD performance fork springs, low friction oil seals and quality Motorex fork oil. All Penske Shocks have spring preload, rebound and ride height adjustment as well as your choice of compression adjuster.  

 Questions? Wish to order?  Please EMAIL PETER KATES or call 508-876-9407