Here is a video that will give you an idea of what to expect at our track

days, regardless of whether you attend our NH or NJ events.


Keep in mind that we have to greatly abbreviate things to fit the video on the internet.

In actuality, the new track day rider will have about 1 hour of mandatory classroom training (both before and immediately after riding the track for the first time).


Beginners will also get about 30 minutes of Follow the Leader where you'll get to learn the proper way to get on the track, around the track, and back off the track.  This will be several laps at a nice, easy pace... and every rider will get a chance to be directly behind their instructor for at least one lap


Throughout the rest of the day, there are ongoing voluntary classroom sessions.  Each session will generally focus on one corner or one riding skill (ie: braking).

While these are voluntary sessions, they are highly recommended as a way to improve your riding.  The instructors for these sessions have many years of riding and teaching experience.

In fact, our lead instructor is Ken Condon, who writes the "Proficient Motorcycling" column for MCN.  He is a longtime MSF instructor and even has his own book out called, "Riding In The Zone".  

Enjoy the video!   When finished, click on some of the other videos to get an idea of the different group speeds.