Body Positioning

Here's a video showing how your feet should be positioned while riding.


NOTE:  This video shows GP Shift pattern, meaning the rider presses down on the shifter for a higher gear.


Some key things to notice are:

- The resting position for the foot is on the "ball" area.  The toes are not hanging low.


- The rider moves the foot forward, does the appropriate shift... then replaces it back to the resting position.


- By always being on the balls of his feet, the rider is able to effectively move his body around on the bike.  It also keeps the toes from touching the ground.

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Foot Positioning

Below is a video by Pete G.  showing you proper body positioning.


Some key elements to notice are:


- arms are relaxed


- Pete moves his butt into position for the corner BEFORE he countersteers.  When the time comes, he countersteers and simply lowers his upper body into position.   There is no "hopping" around.


- Notice how his centerline (the line from the crack of your butt to your neck) is on the inside of each corner.

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