About me: My love for riding started at the age of 14, with my first bike being a Kawasaki KX125. After turning 16 years old, I tearfully sold this bike for a car. My parents were not fans of motorcycles so I wasn't able to get back on two wheels until college when I was technically "out of the house".

It wasn't long before I attended my first track day and I was instantly hooked! I remember thinking to myself - "This has been here my whole life and I'm only find out about it now!" What a perfect opportunity to a true feel for my bike, go ridiculously fast and maybe learn a thing or two along the way :)

Why I said yes to Tony's: I had only been with a few other trackday groups before finding TTD but there was no comparison. The friendliness and honest care from the staff and instructors was unmatched. It was a family that I knew I wanted to be a part of and I'm still so thankful for the opportunity.

Best riding advice I have received: If you want to do something well, you should start with learning how to do it.