My love for two wheels started when I lost a bet on a Yankee v. Orioles game. As a result, I needed to get on the back of a motorcycle for the first time; my fathers BMW 1200GS.  I paid my debt white knuckled in complete fear.   In the end, it's the best bet I've ever lost!  I started riding my own bike not long after that and I was introduced to track days almost immediately.  I was sold on the fact that it was a safe, controlled environment to learn, practice, and develop riding skills.  I was taking a Moto Guzzi Breva to the track until I became the owner of a BMW F800ST.  Still to this day, my favorite track days (non-sportbike days or not) are the ones I do on the BMW -rain or shine.  
I started on staff with TTD about 7 years ago.  What I love most about TTD and being on staff is that our events will reach a variety of riders and bikes.  I love working with all of our riders, but I must admit, the non-sportbikers and the women are my favorites!   While I do facilitate the learning of our riders to learn, practice, and develop skills,  I am a life learner of riding ever since I lost that bet and happy to share what I know. 
Street Bike: BMW F800ST
Track Bike: KTM RC390