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June  9   &  10  -  Thompson, CT
BLUE = BOTH DAYS            RED =  June 9 ONLY          BLACK =  June 10 ONLY

Greg Bagen
Sam Baldwin
Jesse Boillat
Eric Buchbaum

Mike Calautti
Aria Cohen
Russell Cooper

Eric Davis
Jason Dawley
Greg Day
Diego De La Riva

Mike Desmond
J. Drago

Alma Garcia

Harry Hall
Chris Howell


Thomas Kiley

John Latronica
Edward Leary
Ken Loehle

David Martel
Reid Martin

Jason Maslon
Matt McBrien
Dan McHugh
Les McMonagle
David Mink

Mike Monticello
Ben Muckenhoupt
John Murin
Ken Murphy

Luis Pomares


Alexandra Rainer
Adam Ross

Mohith Saradhy
John Scheub

Connor Schuck
Ceileidh Siegel
Robert Soares
Satish Srinivas
Clive Swift

Ilya Tsvetov
Tunc Toker

Jay Virgilio

Bill Westall
Jeff White

Nianzu Yang