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We reserve the right to change this page or deny participation if an error is found.  (in other words, if we list you for both days and you only paid for one day, odds are we'll catch it before tech inspection)   :-)

NOTE:  Color of your name represents what day(s) you are registered for... see legend below.

April 19 and 20 - Friday and Saturday - Thompson CT

RED - April 19 only       BLACK - April 20 only      BLUE - Both Days



Brinton Battle
Miguel Betancourt
Justin Bill
Charlie Blumberg
Jesse Boillat

Andrew Calabrese
Anthony Carbone

Robert Castellano
Posie Constable
Robert Constable
Colin Corbo

Mike Desmond
Seth Dinoi

Stephanie Funk

Edwin Rodriguez Gely

Paul Hansen

Phil Johnson

Tony LoProto

Rick Ma
Sean McAllister
David Mink
Agustin Morales
Ken Murphy



Alexandra Rainer
Cristiana Ritwik
Shiraz Ritwik

John Scheub
Fred Shaw
Matt Siegel
Robert Soares
Clive Swift
Tyler Syman

Stephen Trabucco

Robert Sota Vega

Jeff White
Marjorie White

Grace Yoo