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August 19 & 20  -  New York Safety Track

BLUE - BOTH DAYS       RED - August 19 ONLY        BLACK - August 20 ONLY  

Gary Adam
Gary Austin
Anthony Avedian

Drew Bailey
Sam Baldwin
Mickey Beall
Max Benjamin
Scott Bevis
Charlie Blumberg
Jim Byrne

Bret Carlson
Leo Casale
Trevor Clark
Colin Corbo
Max Coretto
Kevin Cunningham

Greg Day
Steven Danley
Thomas Deeg
Mike Desmond
Eric Dineen

Pete Doody
Josh Dryden

John Foulkes
Joseph Frohlich
Stephanie Funk


Laura Giangeruso
Clayton Girouard
Neil Glazebrook
Michael Grytsenko

Bob Johnson
Rob Jones

David Lacroix
Rob Lariviere (SP)
Ed Leary

Ken Loehle
Carlos Lopez
Marlon Lopez

David Martel
Les McMonagle
Nate McNamara
David Mink

John Murin

Heather Newton
Rob Newton
Da Norelli

Justin O'Connor

Angela Page
Jarek Pedzik
Walter Piescik
John Pitoniak
Magdalena Pitrowska
Lucas Preiser
AJ Pyne


Nick Regis
Jen Roenfranz
Randall Roefranz

Phil Sands
Ceileidh Siegel
Matt Siegel
Robert Soares

Lou Spada
Aaron Spettel
Clive Swift

Kian Tajiani

Greg Vaudreuil
Tito Ventura
Bruce Vlohiotis

Mack Weil
Jeff White
Leah Wimpheimer
Paul Wing

Grace Yoo