The following people have a confirmed spot for these dates.

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  •  PLEASE NOTE:  Color on this page determines what day(s) you are registered for...  it does NOT represent group level. 
BLUE = All Days          BLACK =  2 days       RED =  1 day   

Jessica Baker
Paul Bogdonoff (Sat, Sun)
David Brazzell (Sun, Mon)

Scot Chin (Mon)
Harrison Co
Russ Cooper (Sat, Sun)
Colin Corbo (Sun, Mon)

Ryan Eckardt (Sun)

John Gadrow (Sun, Mon)


Curtis Jackson (Sun, Mon)

Derek Koenig (Sun)
Matthew Kopp (Sun, Mon)
Rick Kramer (Sun, Mon)

Aubrey Lieberman (Sun)
Richard Lorenson
Sam Martin
Tom McNulty (Sat, Sun)

Jenny Roenfranz
Ran Roenfranz

Joe Russo (Sun, Mon)

Kyle Saltzman (Sun, Mon)

John Scheub
Kim Scheub