FUN and SAFETY are the most important things to us at Tonys Track Days!
Two ways we help ensure safe and fun days are by instituting passing rules and by offering 4 groups that ensure that riders are well matched to those sharing the track. 

We have one basic rule that applies to every track and every day!

There is no INSIDE PASSING allowed from TIP IN point to APEX.
This is a very simple rule to remember.  Whoever gets to the "Tip In Point" first has the right of way.  They should feel confident that they can tip into the corner with no other rider coming on the inside of them.

At some tracks, we also implement NO PASSING ZONES.  These are areas of the track that we do not allow any passing at all.  We'll discuss these areas at the beginning of the day, at the rider's meeting.

Passing Safety

Our passing rules help minimize hazardous passes and help reduce intimidation often felt by new track day riders.

Similar to downhill skiing, it is the responsibility of the faster rider to make a SAFE pass.  To do this, it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to go off the line, get around safely, and then move back onto the line.  The rider being passed should not be affected in any way. 

If you are the rider being passed - just relax and STAY ON LINE.   Resist the temptation to look at the other bike as that will move you TOWARD them.   Also, don't stare at the back of their bike after they pass you - pay attention to what you are doing and everything will go smooth.

As long as everyone is on the same line, and the faster riders use their head and pass in safe areas, then we will all have a GREAT day.

Check out this article on how to Master Passing

Grouping by Riding Speed and Experience

By separating riders into groups, we match riders with similar track riding experience and pace and avoid having slower riders on track with very fast riders. This prevents major differences in speed that can lead to close or scary passes. It also places riders who are new to the racetrack together so they can learn at a relaxed pace.


Here are some tips for deciding which group you should be in, and then at the bottom there is a link to the passing rules for each track.


  • Designed for beginner riders (all first time track riders must start in this group)
  • If you're still getting the hang of cornering, this is the group for you.

  • Designed for intermediate track riders. 
  • You should be comfortable taking corners and ride your bike with confidence.
  • You are becoming more comfortable with passing and being passed.

  • Designed for experienced track riders. 
  • Riders in this group should be very comfortable taking corners, as well as hard acceleration and braking.
  • You are comfortable with other riders being in close proximity and do not get "spooked" when passed.
  • Designed for EXPERT riders who are comfortable with a very fast pace. 
  • Riders in this group should be very comfortable taking corners at higher speeds, and know how to manage traction during harder acceleration and braking.
  • You are very comfortable with other riders being in close proximity and do not get "spooked" when passed.