At Tony's TrackDays our mission is to provide a safe track environment where the average rider can enjoy their motorcycle at speed, improve riding skills and continue to build confidence and knowledge in the sport.

TTD has been running trackdays for over 20 years and has a reputation for running very organized and safe trackdays. 

We cater to the first time track day rider, as well as the responsible veteran rider that knows his or her limit.  If you are hoping to race with your buddies, or to show everyone that you're the fastest...then you will not have a good experience with us.

Passing Rules:  We do not allow any inside passing from the tip in point to the apex in any of our groups.  Outside Passing is always allowed unless otherwise stated at the rider's meeting.

Our philosophy:

We understand that "tip overs" can happen at a Track Day, but there is no excuse for taking someone else with you.  Most of the people that ride with us do so because of the environment we've created.  They appreciate that they are not going to be on the track with a bunch of kids trying to be the next Valentino Rossi.  Our average rider is a mentally mature and responsible motorcyclist that wants to have fun and improve their riding skills.

This does not mean we don't have highly-skilled and very fast riders in our experienced group.  But they know when it's appropriate to let it all hang out... and when it's not.   Our customers appreciate the more relaxed atmosphere of our events, knowing that they can tip it in for the corner and not have someone stuffing them up the inside at the last minute.

Other Rules:

To encourage a more relaxed and "fun" environment for all riding levels, we have strict safety rules in place.

  • Anyone caught "racing", or riding aggressively in a group, will be asked to leave. 
  • Anyone caught doing stunts of any kind (wheelies, stoppies, etc) will be asked to leave. 
  • Anyone that is unable to follow the rules of their group, will be asked to leave.
  • There will be NO REFUND and you will be banned from all future TRACK DAY dates.

We discourage the use of lap timing.  We want you focused on your riding and your skills, not looking down to see how fast your last lap was.  This is NOT a competition.  The focus is on improving your key bike handling skills (acceleration, braking, and cornering).  

Still here?  Great!  You're probably the right type of person for our events, so please proceed by using the LINKS on the left to learn more or to register.