Our gear requirements are easy to meet, and are items that all motorcyclists should own and use already. 

We do not require a full, one-piece leather suit.  We simply require good Motorcycle Specific gear as outlined below.

With this in mind, quality riding gear should be viewed as an investment, not an expense. 

If you purchase high-quality items, they should provide you with many years of protection and comfort. We've included some photos below, but there are many options for good quality motorcycle gear.


BEST: We strongly recommend one-piece leathers for best protection.
Knee and toe sliders must be plastic or leather.  All "sparking" type sliders are strictly prohibited!

BETTER: We also allow two-piece leathers that connect with a zipper.  If the jacket and pants do not connect, they must fully overlap when the rider is seated on the bike.

OKAY: We also allow non-leather riding suits (cordura type, such as Aerostich) provided they are motorcycle specific and have extra padding in the knees and elbows at a minimum.  If they don't have the padding built in, consider purchasing separate padding for these aeas.

FULL MESH gear is not allowed, but MESH front with Non MESH in the impact areas are allowed (Jacket in the photo is okay).


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Must be an UNDAMAGED, full-faced helmet with DOT, SNELL, or BSI rating.  It should be no older than 5 years. A high-quality "flip up" type helmet will also be allowed in the RED group only. 


HELMET FIT:  It is imperative that your helmet fit properly.  There should be no space between your head and face, and the cheek and forehead pads.  If anything, the pads should gently compress your face.  If you can easily fit a finger between your head and the pads, then your helmet is improperly fitted and may not adequately protect you in a crash. 

PLEASE ... DO NOT show up with a "too big" helmet! 


All riders must have either a "hard" back protector, or any CE approved armor such as "knox" or "bohn"  or "forcefield" brands.  The thin foam pads generally included with jackets is NOT APPROVED.  Below are a couple of samples of what we mean by "hard" protection.  If you are unsure, please send me a photo or website link showing your back protection and I will let you know.



Must be full length, non-mesh, leather motorcycle gloves.  There should be no rips or excessive "scuffs".  When in the riding position, there can be no exposed skin.  The gloves must have a gauntlet that fully covers your wrist. 


 Racer brand gloves.


Motorcycle specific boots that reach middle of the shin are required.  Boots should have significant protective items in the ankle area.  High-top sneakers, "stunting" boots, and workboots are not allowed. 

Knee and toe sliders must be plastic or leather.  All "sparking" type sliders are strictly prohibited!


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Kerry to discuss.