About me:
  I bought my first motorcycle in May of 2016 Just a day after completing the MSF class and getting my license. It was a 2012 GSX-R600, not exactly a beginner bike but atleast I managed to stay alive on it. After almost a year of street riding I decided to try the track with TTD in April of 2017. I was immediately hooked and was doing as many days as I possibly could. I had my first crash mid season and totalled my only bike that was doing double duty, street and track. Unhindered, I decided to build that bike into a track only machine and was back a couple months later. In 2018 I was at every TTD event and in August I went to NHMS for the first time to get my race license. I bumped out of novice that first weekend and finished the remainder of the season as an amateur. 2019 saw the purchase of my first light weight bike, a 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650, and with it a huge improvement in my skills due to not having high powered engine to lean on. I started working with TTD in 2019 as well. I joined the ranks of the experts at Loudon in 2020 and got a few podium finishes, still chasing that 1st place...

Currently in my stable for the track: 2012 GSX-R600 and 2012 SV650. And for the street: 2013 GSX-R750, 2014 Grom, 2017 Monster 821, and 2005 Ducati 749. Ok so the two Ducatis technically belong to my fiancée (who I met at a TTD event), but I ride them just as much.

Why I said yes to Tony's: They are an amazing group of people who really care about helping all their customers improve as they did for me and now I'd like to do that for others.

Best riding advice I have received: Plan ahead and don't let the rider in front of you dictate what you do.