About me:
  I started riding around the age of 12. My first motorcycle was a Honda XL200, which I wrenched on more than I rode. Hearing it come to life that first time was quite the excitement! As I grew up, we rode and worked on ATVs and dirt bikes. It wasn’t until my late 20’s when I ventured to the street. Immediately I fell in love and started riding as much as possible. From commuting to 500 mile weekends in the mountains, I searched out the most twisty roads in New England.

Hungry for more, in 2017 I found track days. Not knowing what to expect, I signed up, and have been hooked ever since. March 2018, I found myself on pit road at the 2018 Daytona 200 swapping the rear tire of a friend’s R6 during the race. That experience really helped light the fire. In 2018 I started out the track day season on an SV650. After a full year of track days, I decided to get my racing license. I made it to the last LRRS event in 2018 and after the first weekend was moved from Novice to Amateur. 2019 I found myself on track over 40 days between track days and racing. I won some championships as an amateur and bumped to Expert for 2020. I enjoy learning about the sport, while making new friends and sharing the passion. I believe riding dirt, ice and asphalt can help make you a well-rounded rider.

Why I said yes to Tony's: To share the passion of riding and learning. To become a good teacher and rider, passing on everything I learn in the process.

Best riding advice I have received: Slow down, relax, and get your eyes in the right place at the right time.