About me:
  I’ve been riding motorcycles since I was 22 years old and have been hooked ever since. I enjoy all aspects of motorcycles from riding to wrenching. I’ve owned various types of motorcycles from small displacement single cylinders, inline 4 600’s, small and large displacement V-twins, parallel twins, and inline 4 liter bikes. Every bike has their own unique experience. This past year I’ve purchased a KTM exc f 350 dual sport. One thing I can say about riding in the dirt is I wish I started sooner! The results on the track have been instant. The gain in physical strength and endurance along with a new sense of feel has elevated my track riding to a new level.

Why I said yes to Tony's: The group of people that surround Tony’s Track Day’s.

Best riding advice I have received: Hard to pinpoint one particular piece of advice but Paul’s advice on entry speed with braking less longer or Kris’s knowledge of how to break down a track are the ones that stand out the most.