Leathers: Antham Racing

Welcome to our newest partner, Antham Leathers.

25% off custom suits for TTD members

1P Cowhide - $750
1P Kangaroo - $1091
1P Half&half mixed - $1023 (cowhide leather on the crash zones: butt, outer thigh, back, forearm and upper arm, and kangaroo leather is the remaining areas: inner thigh, chest)
Included tax and shipping


Ship LED display cover and LED display cable directly to their manufacturer or, for an additional $60, Antham will order an LED display cover and LED display cable and ship it to their manifacturer, so that you can retain your cable that came with the vest. For more info regarding the Tech Air vest order, contact us.
• Extra accordion stretch leather panels on top of the shoulders, upper back, across the upper arm, and from the armpit to the lower back
• Extra zippers inside of the suit to accommodate airbag
• LED cable stitched to the sleeve of the suit

For everyone else, we still have other discounts! check at https://anthamracing.com/