Tonys Track Days is proud to offer Pirelli Tires at all events.  Our Pirelli partner is MTAG (Motorcycle Tires and Gear). is the website address.

Stick with Pirelli tires and you'll have plenty of support at all the Tonys Track Days events.

Ordering Tires

If you know you want fresh tires waiting for you when you arrive at the track, please place your orders on the MTAG website at least 2 weeks before the event.  When you order, simply add a comment stating which track day you'll be attending and they will be waiting for you.  Please pay for your tires at the time of ordering - things get very hectic at the track and this will make everything go faster.

Whether it's dry or wet... MTAG Pirelli has a tire that will let you have a great trackday!

Here is Ken having a great time in the rain on Pirelli rain tires.