Once I started riding a motorcycle I really haven’t looked back. Initially my riding was 100% on the
street. Realizing that I wanted to learn to be a better rider and to do so in a safer environment led me
to track days with TTD. Continuing to ride with TTD and seeing my pace pick up led me to try my hand
at roadracing with the LRRS series. I dabbled in roadracing off and on for a while and also picked up a
dirtbike to continue my riding education in the woods. After taking a break from riding track days I
realized that the sport of motorcycling is just as much, if not more, about the people you meet and the
experiences shared among them. This realization brought me back to the track day world and the
opportunity to control ride for TTD. I look forward to meeting more people and sharing the world of
motorcycling with them.