I started riding four-wheelers at the age of 14 after convincing my parents to purchase a Honda 300ex if I got all A's and B's for a full year.  Outgrowing that quickly on the powerlines behind our house, I switched to 2-wheels and worked through some dirt bikes, picking up my first street bike at 18. 

I found my way to the track with Tony's Track Days, and after a season of learning with Tony and Ken I decided to go road racing on a CRF450.  Call it chance (I'd like to say fate) but I ended up in the legendary G2 garage with Adam, Dave, and Lou that season, right next to Tony and the Pirelli garage.  I made some friends that year that I will never forget and by the end of the season I had picked up two amateur championships and was advanced to expert. 

Road cycling took over the next few years of my life and continues to do so.  As a ride leader for Boston's largest weekly cycling group ride, I found a knack for getting new people into the sport and teaching the basics all the way up to advanced racing techniques.  After a couple years off a motorized bike, I realized how much I missed it and the whole community that comes with it. I had to get back there!  I love being able to share and grow a sport I have such a deep interest in and I'm grateful that Tony and Ken allow me to express this as a control rider with TTD.