Below is a photo essay of a typical day.

If you would prefer to see a video... here are a couple of links.  Regardless of the track, the general procedure is pretty much the same.

NH Track Video -

NJ Track Video -

Upon arrival at the track, you'll have to sign in with the track personnel first.  There is no charge for you or your guests, but everyone must sign in and get an armband.   

Once inside the track, just find a spot and get your bike and gear unpacked.

After you unpack, bring your helmet and bike over to the Tech Inspection area.

A tech inspector will check out the fit and finish of your helmet, as well as giving your bike a quick inspection.  Remember, it is your responsibility to arrive with a safe motorcycle.

After tech inspection, just head back to your pit area and make sure you are squared away.  About 45 minutes before the first session, we'll have the mandatory riders meeting. At the meeting, you will meet your instructors and be given some general information about the day.

New Track Day attendees will split off and head into the classroom for additional information.  This is where you'll learn everything you'll need to know before heading out onto the track.

After the classroom, it's time to get your gear on!  You'll line up on "Hot Pit" road with other first time riders.

Riders are divided into groups of 5 or 6 bikes, and then follow an Instructor onto the track.

During Follow the Leader, you'll go around the track several times. Riders will rotate each lap so different riders get a chance to be directly behind the instructor.
The speeds will be slow during Follow the Leader so that everyone follows the "line" that the instructor shows you.

Here are two groups doing Follow the Leader (the silver bike about mid-pack is another instructor).  Again, the main focus here is to stay in line.

After the session, your instructor will show you the proper way to exit the track.  Again, pay close attention to the hand signals and his position on the track.

All new riders will then head back into the classroom for some follow up.

For the remainder of the day, you'll alternate between track sessions and classroom time.

The rider in the black leathers and red bike performs a nice, clean pass. We all want to go home safe, so always be considerate to other riders.

Some times you'll find yourself in a group.  No problem, just stay on the line and be predictable.  The faster riders will safely go around you.

Other times, you'll be all alone.  You can't see it, but this rider has a big smile on his face.  (PS: that's Tony)   :-)


Yep, gravity still exists at the track!  Fortunately, most mishaps result in nothing but a bruised ego and few scratches to the bike.

Staff and Corner Workers are usually only seconds away to give riders a hand.


We encourage riders to invite their friends and family to watch.

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