I started riding as a freshman in college on a Yamaha 250 street legal dirt bike.  After 4 years of  “learning” to ride in the woods and after graduation I entered the military. “ I traded my Yamaha for a Honda CB750L, and took the MSF safety course beginning my street riding career.  I quickly learned that every new base assignment meant another safety course mandated by the local commander.  I rode that Honda everywhere I went and when my military career brought me back home to Connecticut I decided to put all those MSF courses to work.”  I became a rider coach with the Connecticut Rider Education program teaching all levels of the MSF safety courses to new and seasoned riders alike. 

In 2010 I knew I still had lots to learn about riding and signed up for a track experience day at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  I was hooked and immediately began the process of getting my racing license. I raced Novice and Amateur for 5 years with Loudon Road Racing Series.

I attended my first Tony’s Track Days in NJ and knew right away this was the team I wanted to work with.  After a couple of years of being a TTD customer and networking with Tony and Ken at Loudon I joined the team as a control rider in 2015.

30 years of motorcycle riding, 10 years as an MSF instructor, 5 years in amateur racing and now getting to continue the sport on track with TTD has been lots of fun.  I find I still have an incredible thirst for knowledge and hope to move up from control rider to instructor for TTD.