OK, here's what we have for the dirt portion.

Those of us that are doing the Road Course portion on Oct 12 and 13, will then travel on October 14th to the dirt area.  The plan is to ride the dirt trails on Thursday and Friday... Oct 15 and 16, and then start driving home Saturday morning.

To summarize, you'll want to reserve a spot for Wed, Thurs and Fri nights... Oct 14, 15, and 16


If you haven't been there yet, we are riding at the Hatfield-McCoy trail system.  Within the system, there are various "trail sections".  

We will be riding the Indian Ridge trail system, which also connects to the Pinnacle Creek trail system.  None of us have been there, so we may only ride the Indian Ridge system, but if we do all that area on Thursday, then we'll do Pinnacle Creek on Friday.


The link below shows all the various spots you can rent that use the Indian Ridge system.


Ken and I, and a group of instructors, are staying in Crumpler, WV in a hourse.  The place is full, but as long as you get something in the Ashland/Crumpler region, we'll all be pretty close.  We can use our house as "Ground Zero" for meeting up in the morning, as well as meeting up for dinner and drinks at night.

Before you book, check a Map App to be sure you are somewhat near us!


RIDERS IN FOR DIRT PORTION:  (email me if you are in and not listed)

Adam Butler
Keith Draghi
Ken Condon
Tony Iannarelli
Younia Kowal
Mike Kurtz
Kris Hopkins
Ceileidh Siegel
Shawn Barron
Lea Rubinstein

Peter Kates
Mark Tully
Jim Folan

Ron Slack
Chris Woodman

Aaron Spettel

Frank Nunes
Colin Samuel