Here are eight "excuses" that people have used to keep themselves off the track.  Do any of them sound familiar

1.  I don't have Proper Riding Gear (Leathers, Boots, etc.)

I will first say that having a good set of leathers is probably the smartest investment you will make as a sportbike rider.  If you care for them properly, they can last many years and there are many websites with good USED leathers at great prices.

As for boots... you should have a set of motorcycle specific boots.  They are relatively cheap when you think about it... especially compared to ankle surgery!

Having said all that... we don't actually require Leathers.  Any good motorcycle specific gear (not MESH) with pads will be allowed.   Check out the RIDER PREP section for more details on gear.

The bottom line to this question is that ALL RIDERS should have high-quality motorcycle gear... regardless of whether you are doing Track Days or not.

And finally, if you don't want to purchase the gear ... you can RENT THEM from one of these places  

2. I'm worried about crashing my bike.
The argument can be made that you are more likely to crash on the street, and you ride there, right?

The key is to control yourself when you're on the track.  Just because you're on a racetrack doesn't mean you have to go fast.

Without all the distractions present on the street, the track allows you to concentrate on your riding, and learning new skills.

3. I'll be the slowest rider out there.
So what???

Remember...  it is NOT a race.  We have different group levels with a wide range of speed and ability.  Just find the group that fits your speed best and HAVE FUN!

Our days are full of STREET riders.  People just like you that want to improve their riding ability.  We have taken even the most nervous of riders and had them smiling and having a blast by the end of the day!

4. I don't have a way to get up to the track.
My first suggestion is to "buddy up" with someone that has a truck or trailer and was planning to go alone.  Check out our FORUM area that has a RIDE SHARING section.

If all else fails, ride to the track!

Whether you ride or trailer, consider getting to the track area the night before so you don't have to ride so much in one day.   You WILL be tired after riding on the track!

5. I don't ride a Sportbike.

We have ALL kinds of bikes during track days.

BMW's, FJR's, VFR's, Dirt Bikes (motards), Standards, and of course... Sportbikes.

It's not about the bike or how fast you go.  If you ride it on the street, you can learn to ride it BETTER by riding it on the track.

6. It's too expensive.
First, set up an account on our website to ensure that you receive our emails, which sometimes include specials.   Even at the full price, however, the experience and knowledge you gain can end up preventing a street riding crash - which will surely cost far more than a track day.   And if you like to go fast, doing it on the track can also prevent speeding tickets on the street... which generally cost more than a trackday too!

Also, consider joining one of the forums listed below.  They often have special deals on our trackdays too!

7. Why should I pay to ride someplace?
While riding twisty public roads is fun, it cannot compare to the track.   Remember... practice makes perfect.

Having the chance to take the same corners over and over, without distractions, is what allows you to improve.  Besides, a speeding ticket or crash on the street can easily cost more than several track days. Rest assured that your money will be well-spent; you just can't get this level of skill development and fun by riding on the street.

8. I'm just not comfortable doing a trackday yet.
No problem.  Consider our "try the track" program.  For no charge, you can come up to the track, sit through the classrooms, and if you wish - you can even do our beginner "Follow the Leader" laps.   If you wish to sign up after that, you can.  If not, you can just hang out and take in the excitement.

SO QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!  Sign up and get your butt out there! Improve your riding skills BEFORE you need them!