Below is the list of riders that have a confirmed spot - If you see a problem, please EMAIL ME

  May 25, 2020 - Palmer MA                  July 20, 2020 - PALMER, MA                  BOTH DAYS - NAME IN BLUE

The COLOR of your name determines what day(s) you have registered for (RED is May 25, BLACK is July 20, BLUE is Both Days  

Ron Ahlstedt
Bob Amadon
Ted Aurelio

Jed Berliner
Warren Brownell

Paul Buser

Jeff Caruana
Nathaniel Chace

Ed Conde

Dana Duellman

Andrew Ewas

Gerard Fay
Joseph Fortner

Geoff Gaunt
Antal Gyori

Sebastian Hammer
Russell Holden
Tom Holden


John Jackson
Steve Jones

Shira Kamil

Daniel Katz
Ken Kotz

John Liland
Chris Lordan
Ralph Lyden

David Marrier

Sean McInerny
Ed McCaughey
Nick McKenny
Patrick McNamara

Don Mead
Richard Mills

Sue Mohler
Dan Morgan
Mike Mosca
Steve Mutchler

Alison Parker
David Parker
Gil Paul

David Pelletier
Mitchell Pivor

Brian Rathjen

Larry Small
Bruce Stevens

Joe Tatulli

Ari Wallach
Scott Williams


Gary Zullig