Below are just a few of the many comments we've received about previous Track Day events:

Excellent TTD staff. Very professional, helpful, attentive, perceptive and most of all they help us remember that track riding is fun and exciting. I am learning how to ride better and it also has helped to correct some of my few early riding bad habits. I liked that the TTD staff are very approachable and they walk around to meet and talk to riders. Keep doing what you are doing that sets you apart from others. I look forward to future track days with you.

Jenn R.

"Rode with Tonys Track Days in July and just cant wait to get back out there again! Highly professional group of instructors and a well run event. Great to see Tony walking around talking with everyone and the instructors are very approachable and helpful. I will be back again next year and the wife will be joining us! "
- Anthony G.


From our 2013 Women's Track day in NJ:

"Besides the awesome instructors, it was wonderful to have so much track time in one day."

"My skills definitely improved because of the track day, especially on a bike that had never been on a track.  It was really helpful to find out how well the bike could handle the speeds and corners."

"All of the instructors, and Tony and his wife, were just fantastic.  No attitude, totally approachable, and very encouraging."

"I can't think of anything that could be improved.  Everything flowed very well, from the cocktail hour, dinner the night before, to the tech of the bikes, to the classroom and the constant track time!   I really enjoyed the schmooz time with the ladies and the instructors and male students."

"I was there for three days, I took advantage of the one-on-one training. I got some more help at the women's day as well."

"I had a great time, I thought our instructors and control riders were exceptional!  Made much improvement in my riding!"

"It was great being able to test my limits in a safe environment with real professionals guiding me. Very helpful instructors and control riders. Awesome!"

Great time, incredible track, happy hour/dinner was awesome, made some new friends.
You have a great bunch of guys Tony. I felt like I learned a lot and was gradually improving throughout the two days thanks to the help of your/our instructors. Can't wait to go back. Hats off to all of you.
- Mark F.


This last pair of track days (Sept. 21 & 22) was the best yet!
Your instructors and control riders left me feeling pampered.
- David W.



It was my first time out with TTD and I had a blast. You exceeded my expectations and I'll be favoring your track dates over other organizations in the future.
- Frank D.




Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I must say that your operation is among the most organized and disciplined of the many trackday providers in the northeast.
- Fong C.




Yesterday's track day at Thunderbolt was fantastic. I learned a lot, improved my cornering (my personal task for the day) and had a great time doing it. Thank you for organizing such well-run, safe days with great instructors on a great track.
- Andrea S.



I've done a track day with Tony this year, and I gotta say that was the mildest, most in-control track event I'd ever been to. Never have I been to an event at Thunderbolt where only ONE crash truck went out the entire day. Overall, the most mature group of riders I've seen on a track.
- "antirich" (forum name)



Awesome day at the track - All thanks to you and your instructors, you are all phenomenal - you guys got me hooked!
- Chris C.



One of the best times we ever had - it was our 2nd track day and we will be sure to be doing more trackdays with you next season. You and your staff are very knowledgeable and are a huge help and put on a great day.
- Dominique C.


Thanks for a couple of great track days this past summer. I have been with other groups on several occasions and never came close to getting the amount of track time as I was able to on both outings with TTD. Keep up the good work!
- Chuck L.


I attended on the 22nd and I wanted to let you know I had a great time. It was my first track day. I learned a lot and got over a lot of fears and nervousness I had prior to coming. I appreciate your philosophy in the way you run your track days. I felt relatively safe out there and wasn't worried about some hotshot passing me through the corners. Your instructors were also very helpful and approachable.
- Matt L


Thumbs up! The whole crew at this event did an awesome job. It was my first track day experience and I can't say enough about how well things went. Even arriving without a remote idea of where to start... the first morning things were relaxed and easy. The class time and ease of asking questions (in or out of class) made the process of figuring out my problems simple... This whole experience just frickin rocked!


Hi Tony,

Wish you could see the wide smile I've been sporting since Monday. I was given the total Control ARC course as a 59th birthday present from my wife and then talked her into including Tuesday's Track Day. The BEST present from her in 30 years! Her motivation was my moving from a '95 Triumph Trophy 900 to a 2000 Honda Black Bird and being over extended. Right Again! She even bought me Ken Condon's Riding in the Zone, (a big help).

Right from the get go your staff and fellow participants were friendly and helpful. The staff must have read the "rookie" on my forehead as they took me under their wing. After tech I left my bike in the garage and headed to the hotel to try to sleep.

I could go on but, with the great weather, your staff and my minimal skill level, I'll have to experience more of your track days to list anything you need to improve. Your staff helped me implement all the knowledge I'd gathered at Monday's ARC course, starting with Gene Berrio's track walk. He made it sound like I might be able to pull it off with out embarrassing myself too badly. Then touched base with me all Tuesday on and off the track. Dan Glennie sat me down mid morning and explained how "slow can be fast", along with other valuable advise. I could go down your whole staff list singing their praises but, you know them.

 "Robert P."


Huge THANKS to Tony and his crew! They run a great program. I had a blast and will be back again, and again, and again, and did I mention AGAIN!!!!



The 20th was my first trackday, and I dearly wish I could've swung the 21st also. The staff, setup and general execution was really excellent - I'd like to especially thank Pete and Neal, you are an excellent pair of teachers!




I can't thank everyone enough. You guys run a tight ship...

I feel like I learned and progressed a lot in these days... I will be back for more.




Thanks to everyone for all your advice and help...I really feel like I made a lot of improvements in my riding position.




Hi Tony, just wanted to let you know that my son and I had an absolute blast at the Aug. 20 track day. Haven't stopped thinking about it since, and I can't believe I was going around the track that fast! It's good to know how my street bike will behave when pushed past what I had thought were it's limits!...good things to know in an emergency situation. Thanks to all your great staff...they were anxious to help us, and we could tell they loved what they were doing. We'll be back!  Regards,



Hello tony, Thank you for the day, it was excellent. Josh and I had a blast and we both learned alot. We would especially like to recognize Pete; he spent alot of time with us, he came across as being very knowledgable, and his teaching and interaction skills are excellent.

James M.


Hey, Tony. Just wanted to send a note of thanks. This was my first track day with you.  My friend told me you ran a really clean, fun track day with lots of track time....and he was right.  I thought the whole day was very well organized. I couldn't believe how well you kept the groups circling through their turns on the track...really impressive.  I learned a lot in a safe, unintimidating environment.  I look forward to doing more of these with you next year!

J. McKee


Second track day in the rain at Loudon for me, first time with Tony.
Thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back.

Top tip for life (was the) ratcheting throttle (technique)!  It works like a charm to the point my heart only skipped one beat every time the rear stepped out!

Excellent friendly staff made what could have been a wash out a memorable experience!!

- Expat!


 I just wanted to thank you for the NJ track day yesterday. It was one of the friendliest and best organized track experiences I've ever had.

The instructors that I had asked to assess my technical skills were very friendly and had very helpful tips for getting every bit of use out of my bike.

- Josh C.


awesome track & great times. the 1st time i've ever rode with tonystrackdays & what a well organized, if not the most organized, track day i've ever attended. just a smooth flow of nonstop riding. i love u guys & definitely will be attending lots more

- "boloson"

 I wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the staff at this past TTD the 26th. I was nervous before even going out to the track but after follow the leader I was pretty upset and was debating about even going back out. I know I was slow and then when I fell way behind the Instructor during follow the leader..  I was psyching myself out and getting extremely upset almost to tears while out there.

When another Instructor came up because I was alone on FTL ( whomever you were, I THANK YOU HUGE) kept looking back, giving me thumbs up, moving your arms before a turn to remind me to relax and loosen for the turn, then you would check back and thumbs up again after every turn. That helped to calm me down alot!  You don't know how much you helped!

When I came off after the 1st round I was pretty shaken and upset about not being able to do this, parked my bike and went to my boyfriend there and was pretty much like, "I don't think I want to go back out."   He said chin up, go to class and talk to the instructors. So I went to class and listened to what they had to say and found things to try to work out and concentrate on for next time I went out.  Upon leaving I talked with Kim/Jane and several other instructors briefly. I went about my business and then decided to go back out when Jane came over and said you are gonna follow Pete for a little while this time around.

Went out round 2 with another instructor  ...Anyway Pete you were great as well...keeping the pace easy for me showing me an easy line to give the other riders the ability to pass me in every passing zone. Which helped me because then I stuck to the line the rest of the time out there so no matter what I gave plenty of passing room to everyone.

Slowly as the day went through after every ride someone would come talk to me about how I did that round and what I should try to work out.  Later throughout the day I started meeting up on the track with Arcy...very nice - gave me great pointers on what to work on and when he wanted me to follow he gave me great hand signals. Then would switch and watch me go. He was consistent on finding me and making sure I was getting around safely and would always try to stop me or find me afterwards to tell me what I did great and what else to try to do next time.

Obviously as the day went on I felt much better, more confidence came and I started shifting, moving around on my bike, trying to lean a little bit and even moved my feet positioning around for certain turns.  My speed went up as the day went on and I started smiling. Even though I wasn't flying at 100's mph all over the track I stayed at a safe speed for me to make sure I hit my x's every turn, stay on the line for the entire track, and learn to enter at a higher speed, and combine engine breaking and braking before the turns.

Kim and Jane also took time to check on me several times during the day to make sure I was ok, how things were going, and giving me great advice and hints and tips on how to go around.

All in all, finally after calming down, I had a great time, learned alot, and felt confident about getting around the track. The instructors and control riders are great people who really care about the safety of the riders out there and go out of their way to make sure they are there to support a rider, give advice, and make them confident!

- Gilly1331


So Thank You staff at TTD! Slow but steady I made it around and would love to go again some day! Thanks again for all your help.  You guys put on the best track days.  I've tried others and they simply don't compare.

 - A. Maciel


I had my first track day on Monday (9/29) and I was blown away with what an excellent job Tony's crew does.

Everything seemed to run like clockwork.

The control riders were unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable. They really made it easy for someone like myself who had no clue how to ride on a track.

- Pat D.


 Tony, Thanks again for a superb event. I wanted to emphasize "event" and not track day because I thoroughly enjoyed the whole TTD experience vs just riding my bike. Interaction with the staff was friendly, enjoyable and professional.

TTD (TonysTrackDays) a few years back was my first track experience, and I can not believe how much progress I made through the years, mostly thru TTDs. After taking Kieth Code's Superbike School and Jason Pridmore's (twice) - I must say that TTD is where I did most of my learning.

- Rami


 I think Tony's group does an excellent job of making learning fun. There was plenty of track time and the instructors were excellent.

June 3rd was my 1st track day and I can't think of anything I'd do differently...I really enjoyed it and learned from it.

Thanks to Tony and his group for a great riding experience. I'll definitely be back, hopefully soon.



 Tony, as always your operation is organized and top-notch, and you are more concerned with people enjoying themselves and getting good track experience than your bottom line. This generous solution for the rainy days and cancelled days just further shows that. Hats off again for all you do for all of us. Can't wait to get back out there in June (under the sun!!)

- anon


 I will be a first time track day participant (registered for June 2nd and 3rd).  I just wanted to comment on how impressed I am at how you are handling the challenges of a weather cancelled track event and how much you apparently care about the quality of the food. I do not think too many companies of any size would provide as much effort and expense to customer satisfaction as you apparently have. This certainly appears to be a first class operation from what I have seen in the e-mail strings. Kudos to you!

- B.P.


 I definately learned that i can trust my tires alot more in water than i thought i could.  My hats off and thanks to Tony and the crew at the first '08 track day, (oh yeah, also my first track day).



 I had a blast... and I learned a ton. In a way the rain was exactly what I needed to help me completely forget about going fast and just work on being smooth, smooth, smooth. It didn't really start to click until the session before the last one. I wish I could be there today!

 - Mike 


 I paid for Track Day for my husband to celebrate our 22 year anniversary. He had the time of his life! He still can not stop talking about it. He has ridden Motorcycles for over 15 years and never had anything like this in his life.  The day was so well organized and the team was fantastic, he was so impressed.   Thanks again for making days like that so unforgettable! 



I can't thank you enough!  You put on a safe and well organized track day. The instructors working with you are top notch.  They are very approachable and fun to follow on the track...I really enjoyed myself on the track and was happy with the yummy food. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the word is out that Tony's Track Days are a must do. You run a class act!



Tony, I wanted to thank you again for the track day event.  Being a first timer on a track, I was definitely intimidated, but must say that you guys run a great (ie safe) operation and have excellent instructors.



Hi Tony and all the GREAT folks that did all the real work  :-)
I would like to thank you all for a really fun time. The weather cooperated and all the people I met were so nice. I would also like to compliment you on the organization - you had things ready to go and had contingency plans for those changes that weren't in your control. It takes DEDICATION to make that happen. I also appreciate your constant reminders for safety. It made me feel more comfortable and therefore had much more fun.
I hope to participate in the next Track Day.
Ride Safe and Thanks again.



This was my first time ever being on a track with a motorcycle, and I can't give you guys enough credit.  It was a  better experience than I anticipated.  The day was paced perfectly, giving everyone of all calibers a chance to have a great time and learn.  Thanks for a great time, and I'll definitely be back again!



I would like to THANK YOU and the rest of your staff for putting on a top notch event. Bringing all levels of riders under one roof who were able to leave egos at the door. I look forward to attending more events as time permits. Again, Thanks to all your hard work and efforts. Its people like you who make a difference.



...This was an excellent day and an excellent learning experience.
Tony runs a perfect track day. The level of safety and organization were stellar. The seminars were very informative. The instructors were fun and knowledgable. The corner workers are much appreciated. And the food was great. Thank you so much Tony.



This was my first track day and I had a great time.  You and the rest of the instructors were top notch and easy to approach and talk to.  You really taught me how to ride the BMW; this is only my second summer on this bike.
Lunch was quite the buffet!
Thanks for the experience.

D. D.


It's really funny but people that haven't been on the track just don't get it....the street is NOTHING like the I am SO paranoid riding on the street.. Most of my rides lately have been poser runs......I can't bring myself to come into a corner very aggressive anymore... I'll accelerate hard but I go in nice and conservative like....



The instructors that were there at the track were very helpful.
They went out of their way to give tips and pointers about how to get around the track faster and safer.  They took the time to answer any questions I had. I never got the impression that I was inconveniencing them.
Everyone that came to watch was impressed with how things were run both on and off the track.
Overall I had a great time at the track and will try to make room in my calendar to attend one of your track days again.



I wanted to, again, express my gratitude and appreciation for the May 19th track day.
It was my first track day and it BY FAR exceeded my expectations.
I felt safe and in control. No issues what's so ever with other riders. Your meetings were to the point and the groups were on the track on time.
The plentiful supplied water and Gatorade and the close by bathroom meant that I finished the day with NO headache and no dehydration.
After lunch, Graham went out with me for one on one and was exceptionally accommodating to my desire to learn the track better.
Count me in for the next one!



I had a great time-
Learned more about my bike that day than I could in years on the street.
Granted I was not the fastest out there, nor was I dragging a knee, but I learned what me and my bike were capable of and I still have lots to learn.

A huge thanks to Tony for a superbly well organized and safe day!! I will almost definitely be at the Oct. track day! 

I have no desire right now to ride aggressively on the street- It just does not compare at all to the track- No worries about cars/dogs/gravel, etc.   Just focus on your line, braking, accelerating, lean. Awesome day!!!!



After the ride Monday with your group, I wanted to write and let you know that I was very pleased with your organization.... My day was a great experience that I will not soon forget.... I will be back to ride with you soon



Tony,  You run a GREAT DAY!  I liked the control on the riding, passing rules etc.  It was excellent and I plan to attend your future dates.



I didn't get a chance to say thank you before hitting the road yesterday. You guys put together a great track day. Paul and Ken, thanks for taking the time to do some laps with me -- following you around the track is a great learning device.



Track day went smooth like Buttah!!   Running through lunch was a great idea. Lots of track time, minimal bikes down. The weather couldn't have been better. I worked corner two, great view, no problems. Overall, one of the best track days I've been to. Riders well behaved too. Next time I'm taking my bike out there!



Superb organization, excellent instruction, loads of track time, and perfect weather.  Couldn't ask for more. THANK YOU Tony, red shirts, and corner workers.



I had three track days over the Memorial Day weekend with the DOCCA over at Mosport Canada. It was fabulous, but it also pointed out how well your track day was run in May.  Keep it up and Keep it Safe.



Thanks for a great day!.  You and your staff put on a great event !!!  ... I want to sign up for the next track day.


While I'm curious to see how what I learned at the track day will now apply to the street riding, I'm also not feeling like I really care to push it hard on the street..just doesn't seem like much of a point after getting in track time. Which of course just means I'll have to be doing more track days

I was VERY VERY nervous about my riding for at least the first couple of sessions, but definitely started to loosen up as the day went on. I think I was worried too much about going slow in the straights to let people I was holding up by, and then thinking "ok here comes a corner, I need to slow down MORE" that I went even slower than I was capable of. This changed a bit toward the end of the day as I got more confident, and the knowledge of this should help me next time.

One of the most interesting things I came away with was this: After "hard-riding" street sessions, the next day I have thoughts of "holy shit I can't believe I was riding so crazy like that..I've got to tone it down" and thus the next time I go out I feel LESS confident and MORE nervous through the corners.

After the track day I feel like "wow, I can probably handle those corners a bit faster and carry more speed through" - even though I had a few pucker moments (specifically in turn 3). It's an AWESOME feeling.

I definitely want to be faster and more confident and realize that it's time on the track that would be the best place for this, not necessarily pushing it hard on the streets. I learned more about my riding and the limits of my bike in one track day than I have in my 6,000 miles of street riding. And the cost of a track day is MUCH cheaper IMHO than the possible costs of the consequences of pushing too hard on the street.

I cannot thank Tony and ALL of the AWESOME instructors enough for putting this together and running it so smoothly. This was seriously the BEST day I've had all summer.