While we do not cancel trackdays due to rain, the weather forecast for this event shows very cold temps.

Because of this, we are cancelling this event.

Anyone that has paid for this event now has that amount "in the bank".

Simplest thing to do is order another event and if the amount is the same, just shoot me an email saying you want to transfer.

If the amount is different and you owe - then go directly to Paypal.com and choose SEND MONEY.  Send it to tony@tonystrackdays.com along with a note what it's for.

Thank you and please email me if you have any questions.

Palmer Motorsports

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  • Saturday on 05/13/2017
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Palmer Motorsports

58 West Ware Road
Palmer , MA 01069
P: 111-111-1111
W: http://www.palmermotorsportspark.com
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