Here are some of the people that you'll see at our events. 

The INSTRUCTORS will focus on helping you improve as a rider, while the CONTROL RIDERS main function is to keep things running smoothly.


TTD Administrators keep the TTD machine running smooth.

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TTD Instructors all began as Control Riders.  They then receive additional training to be effective teachers and communicators, both on track and in the classroom. Instructors are primarily responsible for explaining the nuances of riding technique and to resolve complicated problems.

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TTD staff all begin as Control Riders.  CR's receive training on how to maximize 2 things for you - FUN and SAFETY!  From the moment you arrive, they are available to help with registration, tech inspection, or any other questions you may have. When the riding begins, Control Riders assist customers refine their riding line and help with basic technique questions, all while monitoring the track to ensure everyone is following the rules of the day.

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