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June 9 (Friday)  & 10 (Saturday)  -  Thompson, CT
BLUE = BOTH DAYS            RED = FRIDAY June 9 ONLY          BLACK = SATURDAY June 10 ONLY

Gary Adam
Mark Alves
Suhas Anjaria

Justin Bill
Chris Blatchley

Ron Boucher
Eric Buchbaum

Anthony Carbone
Scott Cassidy
Dave Chandler
Trevor Clark
Christian Connor

Timothy Connor
Colin Corbo
Jim Couturier
Dan Cronin

Aaron Desjardins
Derrick Dragon
Josh Dryden
Mirek Dyrkacz

Jeffrey Farias

Jacob Fialkosky
Declan Fitzpatrick

Ethan French
Stephanie Funk

Vincent Genest
Neil Glazebrook

Andy Hardy
Mark Holley
Chris Howell

Bob Johnson

Seva Khibkin
Greg King

Younia Kowal

John Lazarus
John Lazarus II
Ken Loehle
Tony LoProto

Richard Lorenson

Reid Martin
Augusto Martins
Crystalmarie Marzocchi

Les McMonagle
David Mink
Jason Muccio
Ben Muckenhoupt

John Murin

Bill Newcomb

Richard O'Connor
Chris O'Shea

Mario Palladini
Phil Papoojian
Martin Patel

Rob Pease
Scott Pfeffer
Jody Phouthavong
Walter Piescik

Webb Pinner
Andrew Polese
Laurence Pryor



Alex Rainer
Nicholas Regis
Mark Reynolds
Nader Riad
Anthony Ricci

Phil Sands
Mohith Saradhy
Michael Sarnblad
Daniel Selvidio

Derek Smith
Aaron Spettel
Christian Sumner
Kyle Swaidner
Clive Swift

Stephen Tellier
Jason Thomas

Steve Trabucco
Mark Tully

David Upchurch

Jason Valletta
John Virgilio
John Voisinet

Jimmy Wagner

Bill Westall

Dylan Zeleski