The following people have a confirmed spot at one or both of these trackdays.

If you have registered and your name is not showing properly, please email me using the CONTACT US Form.   (allow 3 days from when payment is received)

 PLEASE NOTE:  Color on this page does NOT represent group level.  See legend below.   


June 25 & 26  -  New York Safety Track
BLUE = BOTH DAYS        RED = June 25 ONLY        BLACK = June 26 ONLY


Steve Aldrich
Miles Allen

Joe Ammendolia
David Anderson
Anthony Avedian

John Beaulieu
Ryan Beaulieu
Max Benjamin
Scott Bevis

Greg Bishop
Cheryl Bonfiglio
Jim Byrne

Mike Calautti
Anthony Carbone
Brett Cassidy
Scott Cassidy
Rob Cavazos

Dave Chandler
Chris Chen
Brad Chesley
Leon Chu

Steve Cipriani
Ted Cituk
Trevor Clark

Ralph Cocchi
Bradley Coons

Eric Cormier
Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Custer

Megan Desmarais
Chris Desrosiers

Rosario DiGiovana
Pete Doody
Andrew Douglas
Josh Dryden
Mirek Dyrkacz

Jason Fairclough

James Fort
Bill Foster
John Foulkes

Michael Frank
Wallace French
Jesse Friszell


Alan Gibson
Neil Glazebrook

Andy Hardy
Paul Howard
Derek Huckel

Edmund Hwee

Bob Johnson
Rob Jones
Lawrence Juvet

Tim Kitson
Younia Kowal

Ivan Lai
Jeff Lake
Nicholas Leighton
Braden Levesque

Eddie Lima
Ken Loehle
Stacey London
Tony LoProto

Sal Magro
Augusto Martins
Crystalmarie Marzocchi
Isaac Maycotte
Eric Maynard
Les McMonagle
Nathan McNamara

John Miley
John Murin
Kenan Myers

Ashwin Narasimhan

Justin O'Connor
Scott Ortiz
Chris O'Shea

Mario Palladini
Jason Palmer
Rob Pease
Jody Phouthavong
Walter Piescik
Webb Pinner
John Pitoniak
Anthony Poirier


Nicholas Regis
Anthony Ricci
Michael Robart
Marc Robidas
Jen Roenfranz
Ran Roenfranz
Lea Rubinstein

Phil Sands

Mohith Saradhy
Boris Simanovich
Roman Simanovich
Robert Soares
Aaron Spettel
Kyle Swaidner
Clive Swift

Kian Tajiani

Stephen Tellier
Wei Tong

Bruce Vlohiotis

Ellen Waddell
Lou Waddell
Todd Walker
Eli Weinstein
Ben Wilke

Mike Wong
Tania Wong
Douglas Wynyard

Joseph Yee
Brian Yip

Matt Zeppa