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Sept 4 & 5 - Palmer, MA

The following people have a confirmed spot for these dates.

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  • NOTE:  This is an informational page only.  We reserve the right to change this page or deny participation if an error is found.  (in other words, if we list you for both days and you only paid for one day, odds are we'll catch it before tech inspection)   :-)
  •  PLEASE NOTE:  Color on this page does NOT represent group level.  See legend below.
Sept 4 & 5  -  Palmer, MA

BLUE - BOTH DAYS         RED -Sept 4 ONLY        BLACK -Sept 5 ONLY


Anthony Avedian

Tyler Barrows
Ryan Beaulieu

John Beaulieu
Michael Bernard
Dave Bisbee
Paul Bogdonoff
Jesse Boillat
Ron Boucher

Greg Brown
Chris Bump

Dawn Bump
Tom Bump
Brian Bunnell

Mitchell Bush

Andrew Calabrese
Derek Carpenter
Scott Cassidy
Nitin Chandel
David Chandler
Leon Chu
Leon Clark
Timothy Connor
Bradley Coons
Eric Cormier

Kevin Cunningham
Kevin Custer

Philip Dasilva
George Davis
Matthew Dean
Pierre DeGuzman
Megan Desmarias
Art Derderian
Seth Dinoi
Kevin Dinsmoor
Derrick Dragon

William Esker

Jacob Fialkosky
David Flemming
James Fort

John Foulkes
Stephanie Funk
Anthony Furia


Cody Gallagher
Dylan Gardner

Dave Gelerter
Bruce Gendron
Alan Gibson

Darek Gil
Peter Goggin
Mike Gonthier
Sergio Gonzalez

Brian Hanks
Douglas Hanks

Richard James
David Jiang
Lawrence Juvet

Seva Khibkin
Tim Kitson

David Lacroix
Jeff Lake
Bob Lawliss
Braden Levesque
Ken Loehle
Matthew Lloyd
Doug Lobue
Tony LoProto

Pawel Lubas

William MacDonald
Geoffrey Madeiros
Augusto Martins
Paul McBride
Will McCarthy
Rob McDougall
John McLaughlin
Nate Mendell

Mike Monticello
Jeremy Muller
John Murin


Audi Pauliukonis
Kevin Patterson
Webb Pinner
Laurence Pryor



John Pellicano
Stephen Petie

Matt Raby
Scott Reynolds

Jen Roenfranz
Randall Roenfranz
Marc Robidas

Joel Robie

Mike Saner
Ceileidh Siegel
Boris Simanovich

Roman Simanovich
Ron Slack
Robert Soares

Ron Sousa
Matthew Spaits
Aaron Spettel
Kyle Swaidner
Clive Swift
Tyler Syman

Kian Tajiani
Alex Teng

Stephen Terzian
Mike Thurber
John Thurber
Wei Tong
Nico Tzouratzis
Ilya Tsvetov

Bruce Vlohiotis
John Voisinet

Darrell Welch
Thomas Welch

Dave Williams
Doug Wynyard

Joe Yee
Brian Yip

Dylan Zeleski
Michael Zellman