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September 7 & 8 - New York

The following people have a confirmed spot for these dates.

If you have registered and your name is not showing properly, please CONTACT US

  • NOTE:  This is an informational page only.  We reserve the right to change this page or deny participation if an error is found.  (in other words, if we list you for both days and you only paid for one day, odds are we'll catch it before tech inspection)   :-)
  •  PLEASE NOTE:  Color on this page does NOT represent group level.  See legend below.
September 7 and 8,  2013  -  New York Track

BLUE - BOTH DAYS       RED -Sept 7 ONLY        BLACK -Sept 8 ONLY


David Anderson
Darius Minai-Azary

Shawn Barron
Richard Brown
Chris Burdett

Walter Hudziewicz

Chris Jankiewicz


Shane Lafrancois

Jeffrey Melgaard
Nate Mendell
Jeff Meyers
Russell Mullen

Jeremy O'Connor


Eric Proctor

Jennifer Roenfranz
Randall Roenfranz

Jack Silvia
Jason Schmidt

Bruce Shapiro
Aaron Spettel

Kian Tajiani

RIck Warner
Steve Welk