Showing extra material - this same amount of extra material is all throughout the arm, allowing me to fully rotate the elbow guard as shown below.  NOTE:  If I was not twisting the sleeve around, it would extend all the way to the base of my thumb.  Where it is in this photo is actually the length I am hoping for.

Below is the length of the Dainese suit arm when in the riding position.

Below is my current suit length (with arm in riding postion), which is perfect as it does not interfere with my gloves.

Below shows me attempting to lean off one side of the bike - but the stretch panels do not allow for sideways bending.  In this photo, I am simulating a RIGHT hand turn.  When I try to do this on the track, my LEFT shoulder gets pulled down.  The more I lean, the more my shoulder is pulled... after 5 laps or so my entire upper back and shoulders are hurting.

My current suit has the back stretch panel extend around the waist - at full thickness - so the same amount of stretch that allows you to bend forward, also allows you to bend sideways.  With the Dainese suit, the stretch panel gets thinner as it moves around the side, but it also goes at an angle - both of which reduce the actual amount of side stretch available.   A back to back comparison showed about a 2 second per lap difference with my current suit and the Dainese suit - simply because I could not fully get my head and shoulders out over the inside of the corner.