Photos courtesy of Martin Hanlon

I bought my first motorcycle at 20, a 1982 Yamaha Seca 650.  It was big, slow and heavy but it started a love affair with riding that continues today.  After 20 years of street riding and touring trips (my favorite steed is still my 1992 VFR) my wife bought me a racing school class for my 40th birthday.  I figured I would go and have fun, but had no interest in being one of those crazy knee draggers on the track.  Needless to say, I left that weekend with my race license and a new passion.

I knew nothing of racing, motorcycle tuning and, unfortunately, track days.  I learned a lot of tough lessons that first year, all of which were very avoidable.  The desire to go faster had to be tempered with experience of learning the proper techniques and understanding the information the motorcycle was telling me.  Fortunately, I did hear about track days and found some willing guidance and instruction from the staff members of TTD.  After that, the tough lessons, thankfully, greatly diminished.

I have had a great time racing, and hopefully still will, but nothing compares to the experience of working with other riders to refine and develop their own riding skills.  The opportunity to work with TTD customers has given me more insight to my own riding and helps me continue to learn and evolve. 

I enjoy racing my Hawk and 560SMR at NHMS for the LRRS events with my Low Down Racing teammates , getting dirty in the woods with my 300 2-stroke and even spending some time on the ice with either KTM.

Current Bikes:

1990 Honda Hawk NT647 (track)

2006 KTM 560SMR (track/ice)

2010 KTM 300XC-W (woods/ice)

TBD 600 sportbike (track)